Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where is it that your going?

You all know that I'm going to Indonesia (except maybe Steve). What you may not know is what I'll be doing there or exactly where Java or Semarang are located.

In February, After a long application process and much waiting, I was accepted into the Fulbright ETA (English Teaching Assistantship) program. This program sends college graduates to various schools throughout Indonesia to be assistant English teachers. From what I've gathered, my role is to sort of fill in the gaps and assist with the cultural underpinnings of English. My placement is an Islamic Boarding school called Madrasah Aliyah Negeri in Semerang, a city on the north coast of Central Java. Before I head off to my sight, i'll be spending roughly a month in Bandung (a city in western Java), where I'll receive teacher training and Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) lessons.

Here are a few maps/links to get you oriented on where i'll be.

Here's Indonesia:

Here's a map of Java

Here's a photo of Semarang

And here's a link to the Semarang wikipedia page.

More to come soon!


Hey All!

Dear Friends and Family,

My departure date for Indonesia is rapidly drawing near and I have been running around, packing like crazy, trying to fit everything and everyone in before I leave. Anyway, expect to see a lot of sick pictures and awesome stories in the coming weeks and feel to shoot me an email whenever ( I'm also trying to figure out skype, so when I have that together all put up my info.

Love you all,