Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Armpits, Stomach Aches, Travel Plans, and my Right Hand Man

Sorry about the two week layoff.
Between being sick and doing a whole lot of nothing, I haven't had much to say or share.

As for the sickness, I was layed-out for about a week with weird stomach pain and acid-reflux. Things are still kinda shaky every once in a while, but mostly better. Unfortunately, as my stomach ailment seems to be fading, a new and totally different one has made its way to shore. I have a large red patch of irritated skin under my armpit, quite similar to one I got in Tanzania while I was in the bush. It looks and feels like the worst sunburn you've ever seen, it hurts tremendously and is currently inhibiting me from moving my arm in any direction without a soundtrack of curse words. Things could be much worse thankfully. In my previous experience with said armpit irritation, I was camping amongst Tanzanian wildlife between Mt.Kilimanjaro and Mt.Meru and had to borrow a girls baby blue wife-beater (majorly stretched in the chest) for 4 days because I didn't have any shirts that wouldn't irritate my pit. Pictures will confirm that i've never looked grosser/more pathetic in my life.

In exciting news, I have awesome travel plans lined up for the coming holidays. For Thanksgiving I'm taking a train to Surabaya (Indo's 2nd largest city) to have dinner at the consulate general's home. From what I hear, the meal is pretty 'merican. Can't wait to dig into some turkey and Mashed PO TA TOES.

For Christmas break I'm spending two weeks in Thailand and Cambodia. Super excited to see Angkor Wat, eat tons of Thai Food, and lye on the beach. So So So psyched.My friend Sarah, whom i'm traveling with, asked me earlier, "Thom, what are you going to do if your armpit isn't healed?"
In contemplating this horrible prospect, I could think of only one answer. I will hire a right hand man. It seems in Asia, you can hire someone to do just about anything.This person would have to do the work of my right hand while I rest on their shoulder and allow my poor swollen armpit to heal. Think about it! Someone to shake hands for you! No Germs! Someone to spoon you cereal while you read the Jakarta post. If you pass out, you still have a hand to hail a taxi. I know what you're all thinking, and no, I wouldn't make the guy wipe. That's just gross. But think about the possibilities! What if the two of us bond into one fluid machine? One brain, two bodies!? Now that would be something to write home about. Until then, I fare thee adieu.

Love you all,


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