Saturday, January 2, 2010

Boro and Pram


Facts about Borobudur:

-Borobudur is in Magalang, Central Java, roughly half way between my city, Semarang, and Yoygakarta.

-UNESCO World heritage site

-It’s a Mahayana Buddhist Temple built in the 9th Century.

-It has 2672 relief panels, 504 Buddha statues, 72 of which sit inside of stupa (kind of like a pagoda).

--Little is known about its purpose.

-Its frickin’ huge.

Verdict: Rad. The stupas at the top get a lot of the photo press, but the best part, in my opinion, are the reliefs on the lower level walls.

Advice: Get there before the droves of Indo tourists groups show up; they’re led around by guys with megaphones, and they will want their picture taken with a buleh.


-Located on the Outskirts of Yoygakarta

-Largest Hindu temple in Indonesia

- Believed to be built in the 9th Century

- Also a UNESCO World Heritage site

-You can take the Trans Yoyga city bus to get there!

-Veridict: Under a lot of construction, but worth seeing and easy to get to.

-Advice: Try to go around sunset, it was empty and absolutely gorgeous.

Note: For 50,000 rupiah (5 bucks) the guard will let you behind the gate that surrounds the main temple. (sub-note: I did not do this. I don't encourage any form of bribery in Indo unless it is absolutely necessary.)

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