Monday, April 19, 2010

Monkey Attack

I took these pictures while visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest temple in Ubud, Bali. The monkeys here have grown quite use to tourists, and as I learned the hard way, can be quite aggressive.

The story goes as follows. I had been in the park no more than 10 minutes when I spotted a Japanese girl being accosted by 5 or 6 monkeys. In a stupid moment of altruism and goodwill, I thought it would be good idea to help her. I peeled 3 or so of the monkeys off the girl and tossed them to the ground. Before a thank-you even left the girl's lips, I heard several loud squawks and noticed a large number of other of seemingly angry monkeys headed in my direction. The three I had already peeled off, line up in V formation, showing their sharp teeth and lunging like dogs on a chain, and after a few seconds I count 7, 8,9 monkeys. I backtracked slowly, but the further I move, the closer they get. I ran, They chased. I screamed, they howled. I escaped, they found a new victim.

After 10 minutes, I cooly walked back into the park, avoiding eye contact with anything living, passing my monkey attackers and entering the temple where I took most of the following pictures.

If you look closely, you can see this Monkey is holding a frog. With many spectators on hand, this monkey took the frog into the tree, peed on it, and ate it. Who woulda thunk?

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