Thursday, May 13, 2010


I've realized that i'm going to miss Semarang. Yes, my house is hot and full of insects, the roof over my driveway has been known to fly off, and things often get wet when it rains, but when am I ever going to find a frog behind my refrigerator again? When it rains in Vermont, will I feel like I live inside of a car wash ? Will all of my neighbors ask me where i'm going everyday in San Francisco or Philadelphia? Will I ever hear 25 calls to prayer buzzing through the air again at the same time? Will my neighbors invite me to watch a puppet show and feed me Durian Ice Cream? How Will I know its 6:00 AM if a man doesn't yell "'BUR AYAM!" outside my window? When will I eat in a tent on the side of the road again? Will people in Cincinnati apologize for their cars not being delicious?Will I be asked my opinion on 'free sex'? Will 12 year old girls sing Josh Groban to me? Will people yell Obama at me when they want potato chips? Will people still stare and laugh at me hysterically in public places? Will my 30 minute taxi ride ever be $2.50? Will I ever be a tall person again? Will people still 'love me full' ?

God, I hope so.

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